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About us

A large percentage of the global population still lives in poverty and hunger, without access to basic health, quality education or clean water and sanitation. At the same time the world is experiencing a threat to its very existence from climate change. It is now more important than ever that we come together to work towards the UN agenda, defined in the Sustainable Development Goals, to ensure we can play our part towards ensuring there is a better future.

FutureSense Foundation is a small grassroots, international development charity that works with rural communities in Cambodia, India, Nepal, Peru, Tanzania, and Thailand, with the aim of supporting disadvantaged communities to help them build a better future, where no one is left behind. We do this by delivering long term programmes that provide communities support in the areas of education, health and livelihoods.

Our programmes support people living in remote communities by offering students, community members, teachers and other local professionals the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops to address specific issues.

To facilitate learning and skills development for life, our workshops are engaging enquiry and experience based sessions, that focus on the following areas:

Education - to improve learning, we deliver workshops on:

  • STEM
  • Environmental awareness & climate action
  • Conversational English
  • Teacher development

Health - to raise awareness and improve community wellbeing, we deliver workshops on:

  • Health promotion
  • Reproductive & women's health
  • First aid & safety

Livelihoods - to improve employability and enterprise, we deliver workshops on:

  • Social-emotional learning & youth development
  • Education to employment

Each year, we deliver 15,000 workshops, reaching 5,000 people. We also reach another 3,000 people through our health camps and community clinics which gives us an opportunity to understand the areas of greatest need. With the COVID-19 pandemic most of our traditional funding sources have stopped and we need your support to help us continue our work and support some of the most disadvantaged communities who have been the hardest hit by the economic impacts of the pandemic.

Here is how your support and donation will help:

  • £5 enables us to send a learning pack to a child who cannot attend school.
  • £10 enables us to deliver 1 workshop to 20 beneficiaries.
  • £200 enables us to deliver a series of 20 workshops to cover a theme.

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